Session Topics

Session Topics

Breakout Session Topics & Speakers


›› Track A:  Conservation & Communities

›› Track B:  Plans, Policies, and Partnerships for Destinations

›› Track C:  Tools, Solutions, and Strategies for Businesses

›› Track D:  Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)



A-1: Enhancing Experiences and Inspiring Engagement Through Interpretation

  • Mr. Sander den Haring, James Cook University/CORDIO East Africa, "Interpretation as a tool to manage snorkeler impacts in the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve, Kenya." View presentation.
  • Dr. Jasmine Goodnow, Assistant Professor, Western Washington University, "Intentional Construction of Liminality:  Increasing Travelers' Self-Discovery and Engagement on Ecotourism Tours."
  • Dr. Kelly Bloom, Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, "Intentional Construction of Liminality:  Increasing Travelers' Self-Discovery and Engagement on Ecotourism Tours."

B-1: Sustainable Planning and Design of Tourism Facilities and Destinations

  • Mr. Christopher Rollins, Senior Engineer, AECOM International Development, "Best Practices in ecolodge planning, engineering, construction, and operation."
  • Mr. Javier Lopez, Director, EcoCamp Patagonia / Cascada Expediciones, "EcoCamp Patagonia Case Study." 
  • Mr. Glenn Jampol, President, Costa Rica National Ecotourism Association (CANAECO), "Discovering ECOnomy: Viable Strategies for Sustaining Responsible Tourism." 

C-1: Tourism Conservation Enterprises: the Do's and Don'ts

  • Mr. Daudi Sumba, Vice President Program Operations, African Wildlife Foundation, "Conservation Enterprise:  Experiences and Lessons of an Emerging Conservation Model."
  • Prof. Rene van der Duim, Special Professor of Tourism and Sustainable Development, Wageningen University
  • Dr. Machiel Lamers, Assistant Professor, Wageningen University, "Governing Private-Community Partnerships in Conservation Tourism:  A Comparative Study in Kenya."

 D-1: Gender and Tourism: How Can Tourism Empower Women and Promote Gender Equality?

  • Ms. Dominika Zareba, Board of Trustees Member, Partnership Fund, "How do women leaders support development of ecotourism in rural areas?"
  • Ms. Kelly Campbell, Founder, The Village Experience, "Connecting Women through Service." View Presentation.
  • Mrs. Jacinta Nzioka-Mbithi, Director of Marketing, Kenya Tourism Board, "The role of community based tourism in the empowerment of women and sustainability of culture."

A-2: Tourism and Protected Areas

  • Ms. Marianela Camacho, Professor, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, "Design of Mobile Tourist Facilities for the World Heritage Site:  Canaima National Park." View Presentation.
  • Ms. Brandi Smith, Research Assistant, Clemson University, "Black as the new green:  The state and use of night in East African natural and protected areas and corresponding implications for ecotourism." View Presentation.
  • Mrs. Bente Ronning, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Environment Agency, "Linking tourism development with nature conservation and sustainable use in Norway." 

B-2: Developing Sustainable Tourism Destinations

  • Mr. Andrew Fairley, Chairman, Parks Victoria, Australia, "Implementing Sustainable Tourism as Part of Destination's Development Goals and Management Strategies." View Presentation.
  • Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray, Director, Tourism Crisis Management Institute, University of Florida, "Incorporating crisis management certification in sustainable tourism certification."

C-2: Understanding Key Consumer Trends Driving Sustainability Practices in Tourism

  • Mrs. Kumud Sengupta, Director and Managing Editor, SOST Tourism Journal, "Eye on the Future:  Middle East Outbound Ecotourism Trends." View Presentation.
  • Ms. Rika Jean-Francois, CSR Commissioner, ITB Berlin; Board Member, IGLTA, "LGBT Travel - Understanding a New Trend Travel Segment and Meeting its Challenges."

D-2: Tourism's Role in Supporting Community Well-Being: Feeding Families, Educating Children and Improving Healthcare

  • Dr. Kelly Bricker, Dept. of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, University of Utah, "Tourism's Contributions to an Ecological Model of Health Promotion."
  • Mr. Joe Staiano, Founder, Meaningful Trip, "Holistic Approaches - Well-Being in a World of Ills." View Presentation.
  • Dr. Manal Kelig, Executive Director, Middle East & North Africa, ATTA


A-3: Sustaining Culture and History: Tourism and Heritage Preservation

  • Dr. Valeria Klitsounova, Chair, Belarusian Agro- and Ecotourism Association, "Intangible Heritage and Tourism Product:  A Win-Win Situation." View Presentation.
  • Mr. Masaru Takayama, President, Spirit of Japan Travel, "Tackling with high-aging and depopulating village:  A case of Japan."
  • Ms. Muna Haddad,

B-3: The Cutting-Edge in Ecolodges

  • Mr. Hitesh Mehta, President, HM Design
  • Ms. Karen Lewis, Owner, Lapa Rios Ecolodge
  • Mr. Arthur Adeya, Co-founder, Kounkuey Design Initiative & Partner, Lexicon + Ion Planning

C-3: Sustainable Tourism Product Development

  • Prof. Peet van der Merwe, Lecturer and Research, North West University, "What determines a memorable game viewing experience?" View Presentation.
  • Dr. Simon McArthur, Director, Total Tourism Solutions, "Turning yourself inside out - tools to revitalise mature product."
  • Ms. Netsai Sibanda, Stakeholder Relations Coordinator, Fair Trade Tourism, "Implementing the fair trade tourism standard in order to develop fair and responsible tourism experiences." View Presentation.

D-3: Ecotourism as a Tool for Sustainable Community Development

  • Ms. Susan Snyman, Regional Community Development and Engagement Coordinator/Researcher, Wilderness Safaris, "The role of ecotourism in poverty reduction and local socio-economic development in six southern African countries."  View Presentation.
  • Mr. Albert Teo, Founder/CEO, Borneo Eco Tours/Sukau Rainforest Lodge/BEST Society, "From Charity to Social Entrepreneurship."
  • Dr. Ryan Snider, Professor, Humber College, "Land Tenure, Ecotourism, and Sustainable Livelihoods:  'Living on the Edge' of the Greater Maasai Mara, Kenya."  View Presentation.
  • Mr. Rafik Mohammad, The Long Run Initiative. View Presentation.


A-4: How Does Ecotourism Support and Contribute to Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Protection?

  • Dr. Kelly Bricker, Interim Dept. Chair, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, University of Utah, "Contributions to Conservation:  Understanding Traveler's Motivation to Donate to Ol Pejeta."
  • Dr. Dag Goering, Co-Founder, Hidden Places Travel, "A Small Company Takes on a Big Task: Making the world a better place for elephants."

B-4: Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Sustainability in Tourism

  • Ms. Christine Mackay, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Crooked Trails, "TAP Campaign: The Challenges and rewards of avoiding disposable plastic water bottles in the tourism sector."
  • Dr. Jutamas Wisansing, Executive Consultant, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA-Thailand), "Multi-Stakeholders Participatory Approach and the Creativity of Eco-Tourism." View Presentation.
  • Mr. Luis Silva, General Manager, Disabled Holiday 4U, "Proyecto Tinglar - A sea turtle conservation program supported by local volunteer tourism"

C-4: Financing Sustainability Initiatives: Strategies for Tourism Businesses

  • Mr. Eric Ricaurte, Principal, Greenview, "Sustainability Reporting and the GRI: A Key Communication Tool for Attracting Socially Responsible Investment."
  • Ms. Sibylle Riedmiller, Director, Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd, "Sustainable Marine Park Financing through Ecotourism - The case of Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar." View Presentation.
  • Mr. Damian Bell, Executive Director, Honeyguide Foundation, "Can tourism pay for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa?"


C-5: Cost Effective Approaches to Marketing and Operating Sustainable Tourism Experiences

  • Ms. Deirdre Campbell, President, Tartan Group
  • Ms. Muna Haddad, Managing Director, Baraka, "Preservation of Bedouin Culture in Wadi Feynan Public Private Partnerships in Tourism"
  • Mr. Nabil Tarazi, Managing Director, EcoHotels
  • Mr. Damian Cook, CEO & Founder, E-Tourism Frontiers

D-5: Keento - Traveler's Savings Fund for Development

  • Mr. Ethan Gelber, Founder / Editor, The Travel Word