#ESTCTalks - The Journey to Sustainability is Not Out There... It's Within!

#ESTCTalks - The Journey to Sustainability is Not Out There... It's Within!
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Joe Staiano, Founder of Meaningful Trip, is passionate about the power of travel to bring about positive economic and social change, and truly believes that meaningful travel – traveling purposefully and with care - can change the world. For him, sustainability is about connecting people to places around the world, caring about what is happening in the places we visit, and bringing lessons home. Socially-responsible travel allows travelers to make a difference and give back.


Meaningful Trip

Meaningful Trip tours offer unique travel experiences that support women’s health, education, hunger, and poverty alleviation efforts domestically and abroad. Meaningful Trip is one of only two US tour operators to have signed The Code - a code of conduct and best practices within the tourism industry to prevent sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. Its vision extends beyond just a tour or vacation; it is about creating an awareness, dialog and engagement on important issues in our everyday lives.


Joe Staiano

Joe StaianoJoe has 20 years of experience in responsible travel and ecotourism. He has explored over 75 countries, and has created tours, guided and worked on responsible tourism efforts worldwide. In addition to working internationally as a tourism professional, at home, Joe volunteers with the homeless, assists refugee families, and introduces urban kids to the outdoors as a leader for Sierra Club Inner City Outings.


"I am so very, very lucky and blessed – not just for all my travels and for all I have – but for all the countless peoples, hearts and smiles that have touched and continue to touch my soul."


ESTCTalks: What Does Sustainability Mean To You?

ESTC Talks, produced in partnership with iSeeiTravel, is an interview series featuring ecotourism and sustainable tourism thought leaders, sharing ideas, opportunities and solutions that inspire positive changes in the tourism industry.





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