The International Ecotourism Society + Adventure Travel Trade Association

The International Ecotourism Society + Adventure Travel Trade Association




Since 2010, senior advisory board members of TIES and senior management of ATTA have discussed opportunities to work more closely together, particularly around education and conferences.  In 2012, when it was discovered that both organizations were hosting individual conferences in similar destinations, weeks apart, the need to collaborate and communicate was reinforced. In 2013, ATTA released research that indicated significant growth in the adventure travel industry (65% per year).  TIES and the ATTA identified a couple of key factors which have created an opportunity to strengthen both organizations and provide educational opportunities to the global travel community from an ecotourism and sustainable tourism perspective. TIES and ATTA began to look for synergies in their operating systems and discovered that a strategic alliance would be mutually beneficial not only to members of both organizations, but also for the global travel community. 

  • After many years of discussions, TIES and ATTA recognize the increasingly complementary nature of our missions, structures and services within the global tourism industry. 
  • ATTA’s proven record of strategic and sustainable organizational growth and ability to deliver marketing solutions and innovative membership tools will strengthen TIES while TIES ecotourism expertise and ability to impact tourism globally with educational institutional expertise will compliment ATTA’s long term vision.
  • The growth of the adventure travel industry is an opportunity for the two organizations to come together and provide expertise in the form of education that includes, among others, capacity planning, sustainable development, ecotourism practices, and risk and safety management.
  • Collaboration between TIES and ATTA has the potential to generate significant positive impact throughout the entire tourism industry -- As partners, the adventure and eco-tourism sectors serve as the ultimate examples of sustainable tourism – socially, economically and ecologically.
  • Starting in September, TIES has signed a short-term contract with ATTA to assist TIES on the operational front through a key transitional period. 
  • This contract is expected to serve as the beginning of a stronger, longer-term alliance between TIES and ATTA.


During this time, we also look forward to engaging TIES and ATTA board members and the tourism industry in this broader discussion of how TIES and ATTA can continue to lead the entire leisure tourism sector by mission and by action through the co-development of a collaborative, thriving, sustainable global tourism industry.


We are committed to determining increased value for members of both organizations through this contract.  We want to determine if there are opportunities to enhance each other’s offerings, streamline benefits, and ultimately for the two organizations to continue to move forward with more collaborative strategies and learning opportunities.


Will TIES still hold their yearly conference?


Yes, TIES will continue to hold a conference that will provide educational and networking opportunities for members and industry supporters. TIES conference in Kenya (2013) and Bonito, Brazil (April, 2014), and Ecuador (April, 2015) are confirmed.


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