Social Media Tools: Are You Willing to Dive In and Learn New Tricks?

Social Media Tools: Are You Willing to Dive In and Learn New Tricks?
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Stretching Your Marketing Budget

At the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 2011 in South Carolina, the "Stretching Your Marketing Budget" session featured the following expert speakers and key topics:

  • Vicky Hastings, Maxwell PR - the value of telling stories
  • Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media - making our website easier to find
  • Terry Rachwalski, Tartan Group – building integrated marketing and public relations strategies

List of Free Social Media Tools

In this blog post, Terry shares tips and recommendations on social media tools - social media dashboards, Twitter tools, Facebook third-party applications, and social media monitoring tools. Take a look at the features of each and then decide what fits:


List of Social Media Dashboards:

List of Social Media Monitoring Tools:

List of Twitter Tools:

List of Facebook Third Party Applications:

Read full article: Social Media Tools for the Willing

Terry Rachwalski, Tartan Group

Terry RachwalskiTerry Rachwalski is a certified management consultant (CMC) in Victoria BC who specializes in product launch and marketing plans and adamantly defines herself as belonging in the management consulting camp not as a social media consultant. Rachwalski believes in sharing information and building internal capacity with her clients. She has partnered with the Tartan Group, a Canadian marketing communications and public relations firm to provide digital and social media consulting services to tourism, travel and hospitality clients. The Tartan Group integrates marketing communications and digital strategies to help get your message out where your audience is.


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