ESTC15 Interviews

ESTC15 Interviews



#ESTCInterviews: What Does Sustainability Mean To You?

ESTC Interviews, produced in partnership with Florie Thielin of The Hospitality Tour, is an interview series featuring ecotourism and sustainable tourism thought leaders, sharing ideas, opportunities and solutions that inspire positive changes in the tourism industry.


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ESTC15 Interviews

Kelly Bricker,

TIES Chair

Kelly Bricker, TIES Chair discusses how she personally and professionally contributes to sustainable travel. She also talks about the importance of organizing a conference like ESTC.

Sandra Naranjo,

Minister of Tourism, Ecuador

Sandra Naranjo discusses a variety of topics including how ESTC will impact Ecuador's tourism industry, her strategic perspective on adopting on the GSTC criteria, Ecuador's biggest challenges concerning sustainable tourism, and the role that Ecuador will play in promoting sustainable tourism management and development in Latin America and the world.


Luigi Cabrini

GSTC Chairman

Luigi Cabrini discusses the positive developments of the GSTC criteria, including increased interest from national governments to adopt these standards. With the full endorsement of the UNWTO and the adoption of these standards by Ecuador, there is hope that more countries around the world will follow suit.. 

Randy Durband,


The GSTC criteria forms a framework for baseline standards for sustainable tourism credibility. This criteria is recognized worldwide by institutions such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Randy Durband discusses the importance of how these standards can impact the world.




Irene Lane,


Greenloons is a company that helps both consumers to travel sustainably and industries to develop sustainable tourism models. During ESTC15, Irene presented on the subject of the return on investment for sustainable tourism in Ireland. 

Ronald Sanabria,

Rainforest Alliance

Tourism can become an ally in conservation, biodiversity and community development. The Rainforest Alliance wants to transform consumer behavior and the way organizations conduct business by concentrating on providing training, capacity building, and certification services. ESTC is a forum for learning, sharing knowledge, and a place to re-inspired. 

Albert Salman,

Green Destinations

Albert Salman of Green Destinations contributes to sustainable tourism by developing an assessment tool, which includes GSTC standards, that helps destinations to become more sustainable. Albert Salman believes that ESTC is the place to be if you want to make destinations more sustainable.  

Natalia Naranjo,

GSTC Colombia and Ecuador Representative

CaLatam supports different projects from a variety of stakeholders, including local communities, governments, and the private sector to develop tools for sustainable tourism. 

Rob Holmes,

GLP Films

GLP Films works to bring out the best stories of sustainable tourism, including both the challenges and the successes. Film is a powerful tool to educate and change, with the goal being to make sustainable tourism a part of the mass tourism sector. ESTC is an opportunity for all the leaders of the sustainable tourism community to come together, learn, network, and collaborate. 

Rika Jean François,

ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin is the largest tourism platform in the world. The goal is to bring responsible tourism to that platform, so that it is no longer a niche, but a part of mainstream tourism. 

Richard Mafila Malesu & Dawson Kgosi Ramsden,

Botswana Tourism

Botswana Tourism's mission is to encourage the tourism industry to incorporate sustainability in their operations. Over the years there has been a significant improvement, including in the use of renewable energy and good relations between the industry and the local communities. 

Kristin M. Lamoureux & Juan J. Luna-Kelser,

The George Washington University

Kristin M. Lamoureux & Juan J. Luna-Kelser contribute through education and projects around the world on sustainable tourism. The George Washington University (GWU) is a long time member of TIES and works in partnership with TIES' online Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management. 

Dominika Zareba,

Partnership Fund

Dominika Zareb wrote the first ecotourism book about Poland, which was also translated into Russian and Ukrainian. While researching case studies for the book, Dominika decided to implement initiatives in her native Poland, as well as in other parts of Central & Eastern Europe. 

Douglas McMeekin

Yachana Lodge and Foundation

The Yachana Foundation founded the Yachana Lodge in order to be self-sustaining. They support sustainability in education for young people from poor backgrounds. The Yachana Lodge was awarded the Geotourism Award by the National Geographic.



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