ESTC12 Session Topics

ESTC12 Session Topics
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Knowledge Sharing Workshops

W1. Best Practices in Marketing and PR for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism
What are some examples of best practices for integrated marketing campaigns and innovative approaches that maximize the marketing dollars of tourism businesses and destinations?

  • Mr. Richard Edwards, Founder, ecoism - "Online Content Driving Sustainable Profits - the Multi-Channel Approach"
  • Ms Gabi Logan, Freelance Writer - "Harnessing Your Untapped Marketing Resource: Turning Passionate Customers into Brand Ambassadors with a Superfan Program"
  • Mr. Michael McColl, Founder & CEO, McColl Communications – "The Media Loves Ecotourism, Case studies from and other clients"
  • Mr. Brad Nahill, Director, SEEtheWILD – "WildTribe: Building a group of ambassadors & advisors to improve marketing ROI"


W2. Theory to Practice: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry

An interactive session offering in-depth discussions on how the industry can better utilize research tools and find practical, productive approaches to tourism's role in building a more sustainable world.

  • Dr. Kelly Bricker, University of Utah; Dr. Deborah Kerstetter, The Pennsylvania State University; and Dr. Kim Batty, Lockhaven University – "The Impact of Tourism on Quality of Life: A Case from the Yasawa Islands"
  • Mr. Alex Adams, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Coastal Tourism Research LLC - "Planning for Coastal Community Resilience: A Practical Approach to Managing Cruise Ship Tourism"
  • Dr. Keri Schwab, Associate Professor, University of Utah - "A Service-First Orientation to Tourism Studies"
  • Dr. Colmore Christian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M University - "Ecotourism-related Ecological Impacts at two National Park Areas on the Caribbean Island of Dominica"
  • Mr. Philip Sarnoff, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Utah - "Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation Hotspots: Meta-Synthesis Case Studies to Inform Practice"


W3. Tools and Solutions for Sustainable Tourism Destination Development
Ideas, examples and tools for destination decision-makers and planners, supporting sustainable development and management of tourism destinations through effective partnerships and stakeholder engagement.

  • Mr. Gopinath Parayil, Founder, The Blue Yonder – "Social innovation for conservation of living heritage: The Blue Yonder experience from River Nila, India"
  • Dr. David Randle, Managing Director, Waves of Change – "Sustainable Tourism Strategies to Protect Coastal Habitat & Marine Environments" (Blue strategies for eco-certification)
  • Mr. Bennett Kahuure, Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) - "Eco Awards Namibia: Namibia's ecotourism certification program"


W4. Sustainable Tourism Certification: Best Practices, Benefits and ROI of Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Certification: Benefits and Opportunities How do local, national and regional certification programs contribute to sustainability in tourism, and offer solutions to businesses and consumers?

  • Dr. Rosemary Black, Senior Lecturer, Charles Sturt University and Dr. Stuart Cottrell, Associate Professor, Colorado State University – "Creating and sustaining local and regional partnerships: A case study of PAN Parks certification program"
  • Mr. David Kestenbaum, Director, Certification for Sustainable Transportation - "Confronting Issues of Sustainable Transportation"
  • Dr. Harold Daniel, Associate Professor and Mr. Ian Burns, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Maine – "Exploring Quality Labeling for Ecotourism in Maine"
  • Mr. Jermain Ketji, Community Liaison Manager, Wilderness Safaris


W5. Get a Step Ahead: Student-Professional Networking Session

Connecting industry leaders working in the fields of ecotourism and sustainable tourism with students - aspiring tourism professionals and future leaders of the industry.

  • Mr. Evan Oakes, AgVenture Tour
  • Mr. Rafael Gallo, President/Founder, Rios Tropicales
  • Dr. Bill Hendricks, Professor, Cal Poly University
  • Dr. Nancy Furlow, Associate Professor of Marketing, Marymount University
  • Dr. John Avella, Director, CSUMB- Hospitality Management
  • Mr. Chris Khan, Joint Venture Monterey Bay
  • Ms Malia Everette, Director of Reality Tours, Global Exchange
  • Ms Kelly Galaski, Program & Operations Manager, Planterra Foundation
  • Mr. Glenn Jampol, President, Costa Rican National Association of Ecotourism



Breakout Sessions

1.1 Understanding Key Consumer Trends Driving Sustainability Practices in Tourism

How can businesses and destinations take advantage of current consumer trends, and embrace sustainability as an important market driver? The panel will focus on translating the knowledge of consumer trends and traveler perspectives into meaningful action.

  • Ms Rika Jean-François, Commissioner CSR, ITB Berlin - "Consumer Trends and Expectations towards Sustainable & Responsible Tourism"
  • Ms. Carol Patterson, President, Kalahari Management Inc. – "Don't Overlook the 80%!" (Women make or influence over 80% of consumer decisions)
  • Ms. Mariska van Gaalen, Global Product Manager, The Blue Yonder – "Understanding Traveler Perspectives: Learning about the expectations and experiences of responsible travelers"


2.1 Indigenous Tourism Forum

Discussions on Indigenous tourism business development, focusing on challenges and opportunities in community building, economic benefits and skills development.

  • Mr. Ben Sherman, President, Native Tourism Alliance
  • Ms Judy Karwacki, Director, Small Planet Consulting - "Connecting Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce in the Peruvian Amazon"
  • Mr. Cebens Munanz, Manager, Wuparo Conservancy, Namibia
  • Mr. Sydney Allicock, Executive Director, Surama Eco-Tourism


3.1 Making the Business Case for Conservation through Ecotourism
What are some best practice examples of implementing ecotourism as a tool to generate financial gains to support environmental conservation and sustainable community development?

  • Ms Marcela Torres, Founder, Southern Cone Journeys – "Ensuring Conservation and Benefits for the Lickan Antay indigenous community the through Ecotourism and Co-Management Practices in Los Flamencos National Reserve, Chile's Atacama Desert"
  • Ms Maureen Gordon, Maple Leaf Adventures & Raincoast Conservation Foundation - "Warm fuzzies and sharp claws: the epic partnership between ecotourism and conservation to buy out Great Bear Rainforest trophy hunters"
  • Mr. Keith Sproule, Tourism Business Advisor, WWF-Namibia – "Namibia's Conservancy Tourism Sector - Achieving Conservation & Community Development at Scale"


4.1 Ecotourism as a Catalyst for a Sustainable Rural Economy
What are some best practice examples of educational tourism experiences successfully incorporating and supporting local agriculture, culinary traditions and rural economies?

  • Mrs. Nataliya Tkachenko, Business Development Manager Ukraine, Vesselka Consulting Ltd. – "The Black Sea Rural Sustainable Tourism Program: Community Development through Regional Sustainable Rural Eco-Tourism"
  • Ms Danella George, Partnerships and Outreach in Sustainable Tourism, California Bureau of land Management – "Building a Sustainable Tourism Future on California BLM's Back of Beyond Public Lands"
  • Prof. Todd Comen, Professor, Johnson State College – "Fostering innovation in destination stewardship through multi-stakeholder approach to conservation, sustainable agriculture, tourism and recreation"
  • Ms Wendy Brewer Lama, Ecotourism Specialist, KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel – "A Practicum on Ecotourism as a Tool for Conservation and Development in Sikkim"


1.2 Engaging Green Travelers as Key Stakeholders in the Future of Our Industry

How can businesses and destinations improve collaboration, partnership, marketing and messaging strategies to promote sustainability and engage green-minded travelers?

  • Mr. Joe Staiano, Founder, MeaningfulTrip – "It's Not About 'Us' - Engaging the 'Right-minded' Traveler"
  • Ms Sheila Bowman, Senior Seafood Watch Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium – "Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program: Natural Synergies with the Eco-Tourism Sector"
  • Mr. Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director, Ethical Traveler, and Ms Malia Everette, Director of Reality Tours at Global Exchange – "Empowering Travelers to Change the World"


2.2 Sustainable Planning and Design of Tourism Facilities and Destinations
How are ecolodges, hotels, operators and destinations implementing sustainability practices for responsibly planning and designing their sites and products?

  • Mr. Kent Beierle, Principal, Environmental Dynamics, Inc. – "Celebration of Place: Key concepts for integrated sustainable design solutions"
  • Dr. Lars Lindkvist, President, Basecamp Foundation – "Planning - The sustainable link between conservation, tourism and community"
  • Mr. Andrew Fairley, Chairman, Parks Victoria, Australia – "Planning for Sustainable Tourism Growth: the Shipwreck Coast, Victoria, Australia"


3.2 Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Protection Through Ecotourism

What are some successful examples of protecting wildlife and conserving biodiversity through ecotourism, and key conservation challenges and opportunities facing the ecotourism industry?

  • Mr. Paul Frederick Eshoo, Site Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society, Lao Programme – "A preliminary review of a new model for linking ecotourism benefits with conservation of endangered species in protected areas in Laos"
  • Ms Wendy Brewer Lama, Ecotourism Specialist, KarmaQuest Ecotourism and Adventure Travel – "Building Community Snow Leopard Stewardship through Ecotourism"
  • Dr. Deborah Benham, Owner, Wild at Heart – "Partners across the North: the role of established destinations in supporting emerging wildlife tourism partnerships"


4.2 Partners in Stewardship: Collaboration Among Planners, Managers and Operators

How can businesses and destinations enhance effective collaboration among planners, managers and operators in order to promote ecotourism and sustainable tourism, and achieve long-term progress?

  • Mr. Ted Martens, Sustainability Director, Natural Habitat Adventures – "How to be Green When You Don't Own Anything: Lessons Learned from a Tour Operator's Diverse Supply Chain"
  • Ms Nicole DeJonghe, Senior Project Director, Sierra Business Council – "An insider's view to the strategy and successes of the Sierra Nevada Geotourism program, a partnership with National Geographic"
  • Mr. John Gunter, General Manager, Frontiers North Adventures – "How Partnerships Can Enhance Life-Changing Travel Experiences"


1.3 Enhancing Experiences and Inspiring Engagement Through Interpretation

How do successful ecotourism programs utilize the power of interpretation to create memorable and educational experiences that transform visitors into ecotourism advocates?

  • Mr. Chuck Lennox, Principal/Consultant, Cascade Interpretive Consulting LLC – "Protecting Biodiversity in Guyana -The Role of the Interpretive Guide"
  • Mr. David Morton, Walking tour organizer/guide, Roman Road Walks – "Micro-niche walking tours: Italy up close"
  • Mr. Chris Desmond, Managing Director, Research and Education, Sea Excursions, Inc. - "Direct... From the Dolphin Explorer to the Classroom!"


2.3 Sustainability Solutions for Events

What are some examples of strategies and solutions to make meetings and events more sustainable? How are tourism destinations, businesses and industry stakeholders implementing sustainability practices to utilize meetings and events as opportunities for positive change?

  • Mr. Rafael Gallo, President, Rios Tropicales – "Meet The World's First Certified Carbon Neutral International Sporting Event: The 2011 World Rafting Championships - How We Did It"
  • Mrs. Kristin Cushman, Executive Director, The Offset Project – "Multistakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Practices at Events and Venues"
  • Dr. Sonya Graci, Associate Professor, Ryerson University - "The Greening of Festivals: Lessons Learned From Pride Toronto and the Irie Festival"


3.3 Lessons on Ecotourism and Community Development

What are some successful and unsuccessful examples of community development projects by ecotourism businesses and destinations, and key lessons about balancing priorities and sharing benefits?

  • Ms Judith Fox-Goldstein, Administrative Director, University of Hawaii at Hilo Conference Center & Hawaiian EDventure Program – "Building Community & Sustaining Partnerships through Innovative Edutourism & Ecotourism Programs"
  • Mr. Manuel Miroglio, Responsible Tourism Expert Consultant, Ecogroup – "Successful ecotourism community-based experiences in Mexico"
  • Ms Heather Arrowood, Technical Advisor, Organisation Ecotouristique du Lac Oguemoué (OELO) – "Promoting willdife conservation through community-based ecotourism at Tsam Tsam, Gabon"


4.3 Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Sustainability in Tourism

What are some examples of public and private sector collaboration and multi-stakeholder approaches to sustainability challenges and opportunities?

  • Ms Julie Schmelzer, Director of Resource Management, Travel Calumet (Wisconsin) – "Rethinking Your Partnerships"
  • Mr. Joselito Costas, National Director, Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation – "From Fishers to Birders: The Bojo River Eco-cultural Experience"
  • Ms Charise McHugh, President & CEO, Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce & Visitors' Bureau – "Creating an Ecotourism Program Via Existing Businesses"


1.4 Improving Strategies for Sustainability Communications

How can businesses and destinations effectively engage stakeholders and strengthen brand loyalty and crisis preparedness through credible sustainability communications?

  • Mr. Mark Campbell, Principal, Cascadia Marketing - "The 5 E’s of marketing & your brand story - creating indestructible bonds with customers & employees"
  • Ms Audrey Scott and Mr. Daniel Noll, Uncornered Market - "Show, Don't Tell: Employing Digital Storytelling and Social Media in Building Brand Advocacy"
  • Ms. Muna Haddad, Managing Director, Baraka – "Jordan's Nature Reserves: Preparing for the crisis before laying the foundation"


2.4 Financing Sustainability Initiatives: Strategies for Tourism Businesses

What are some examples of effective strategies for tourism businesses to successfully finance their sustainability initiatives?

  • Mr. Gopinath Parayil, Founder, The Blue Yonder – "Concern Without Borders: Building a Compassionate Destination"
  • Ms Christina Heyniger, Tourism Practice Director, Vital Wave Consulting – "Transforming Risk into Opportunity: Biodiversity& Ecosystem Services and the Tourism Sector"


3.4 Sustaining Culture and History: Tourism and Heritage Preservation

How can tourism effectively contribute to heritage preservation and help raise awareness through education and community participation?

  • Mr. Ben Sherman, President, Native Tourism Alliance – "Indigenous Values Help Shape a Universal Tourism Ethic"
  • Mr. Christopher Barclay, Managing Partner, The Ginkgo Society – "Rediscovering Yunnan China's Past: how cultural tourism can profitably revive dying traditions"
  • Dr. Jasamine Goodnow, Assistant Professor of Recreation Leadership, Ferrum College – "Study-abroad Ecotourism Courses at the College and University Level: Helping support heritage preservation and economic stimulus in rural economies"


4.4 Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Based on the new publication "Sustainable Tourism & the Millennium Development Goals: Effecting Positive Change" by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES).

  • Mr. Jeremy Schultz, University of Utah – "Environmental Outreach and Ecotourism: Support for Conservation in Fiji’s Interior Highlands"
  • Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development – "Ecotourism's carbon footprint - The case of Namibia"
  • Ms. Kelly Galaski, Program & Operations Manager, Planeterra – "Connecting Communities to the Tourism Supply Chain"
  • Ms. Emily Eddins, Colorado State University – "Bridging the Gap: Volunteer Tourism’s Role in Global Partnership Development"