Sustainable Tourism - Doing Good as a Market Driver

Sustainable Tourism - Doing Good as a Market Driver
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Destination Workshop

Strategies for Destinations

What: A hands-on workshop focusing on destination marketing and management strategies.


When: Monday, Sept. 19th, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Participants: This workshop is designed for representatives of DMOs, CVBs, National Tourism Boards and other destination organization (Maximum 30 participants).



Workshop Description

This invitation-only complimentary workshop features expert presentations on branding, product development and marketing campaigns, and interactive discussions and exercises to help participating destinations develop targeted action plans to improve their marketing edge.


Topics include:

  • Marketing Strength Inventory: Strengthening your destination's sustainable tourism communications plan; Organizing your destination's marketing and PR "tool kit".
  • Sustainability as a Marketing Edge: Building a reputation as an authentic sustainable tourism destination; Showcasing your commitment to sustainability and remaining genuine; Tools to help you assess your current sustainability practices.
  • From Product Development to Consumer Experience: Product development as Step One of your marketing plan; Connecting the dots in the ongoing and interlinked development and marketing process.
  • How to Make Your Story Stand Out: Capturing travelers' attention through compelling stories; Engaging your audience through social media; Finding your online marketing niche and strengthening your presence.


Expert Presenters & Facilitators

Richard Edwards Deirdre Campbell  

Richard Edwards

Founder, Ecoism

Advisory Board Member, TIES

Deirdre Campbell

President & Chief Development Officer, The Tartan Group

Advisory Board Member, TIES



Workshop participants are encouraged to share their experiences and to learn from each other, in order to create a productive learning environment and to engage in interactive discussions.