ESTC 2010 Field Sessions

ESTC 2010 Field Sessions
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ESTC 2010 Field Sessions

Columbia Springs Voluntourism Field Session

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 8th, 8:30am - 1:00pm
Sponsored By: Planeterra Foundation, Columbia Springs


This field session at Columbia Springs - a 100-acre urban green space where visitors can explore nature trails, observe birds and wildlife, and visit a working trout hatchery - offers the opportunity to spend a half day with fellow attendees working on environmental stewardship projects. Columbia Springs' goal is to provide environmental education to the community through on-site education for local students and off-site through outreach programs. The ESTC 2010 conference delegates are invited to participate in a full-morning outdoor environmental stewardship volunteer project at Columbia Springs! There is room for 50 people to participate in activities such as: removing invasive species, harvesting, trailwork, and other ecological restoration activities.


Community Gardens Voluntourism Field Session

Date & Time: Thursday, September 9th, 9:45am - 12:30pm
Sponsored By: Planeterra Foundation, Portland Parks & Recreation


Portland Parks & Recreation’s Community Gardening program is an important way of linking health, environmental and social issues by providing a space for urban inhabitants to plant fresh, healthy and organic food. There are 32 community gardens located throughout the city, developed and operated by volunteers and PP&R staff, offering a variety of activities. Delegates will have the chance to work on a community garden that serves to educate and provide access to healthy food to families in need in Portland.


Portland Greening Signature Buildings Field Session

Date & Time: Thursday, September 9th, 9:45am - 12:30pm | Friday, September 10th, 8:00am - 10:30am

Sponsored By: Green Building Services, First Stop Portland and Portland Center Stage/Gerding Theater

Speakers: Ralph DiNola, Principal, Green Building Services; Tim DuRoche, Director of Programs, World Affairs Council of Oregon; Nancy Hales, Director, First Stop Portland


Green building is key to creating authentic experiences of a place, and in Portland, the city with the most LEED-certified buildings per capita in the nation, greening of its buildings plays a crucial role in the eco-story of the city. Portland boasts vibrant city center, transit-friendly urban lifestyle and richly diverse, compact, and green neighborhoods. An 'unintentional' ecotourism destination, Portland is now hosting scores of curious eco-tourists each year. What have we learned about the greening of our built environment and its draw as a tourist destination? What are visitors seeking as they visit these neighborhoods and reflect on their own sense of place? This field session incorporates Portland's streetcar and walk through parts of downtown Portland with local experts.


Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge Voluntourism Field Session

Date & Time: Friday, September 10th, 8:00am - 10:30am
Sponsored By: Planeterra Foundation, Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge


Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is one of only a handful of urban national wildlife refuges in the United States. Situated just a few miles from Oregon’s largest city, the Refuge comprises less than 1% of the 712 square mile watershed. Yet, due to it's richness and diversity of habitats, the Refuge supports some of the most abundant and varied wildlife in the watershed. The Refuge has also become a place where people can experience and learn about wildlife and the places they call home. Delegates will be able to work on ecological restoration activities such as removing invasive species and maintaining newly planted trees.